Outside Sales Representative

Title: Outside Sales Rep

Position Overview:

The main objective of the Outside Sales Rep is to increase sales primarily by winning new clients and by effectively managing the account relationship and the product sales cycle to gain an increasing share of their business.

This is achieved by focusing on the following three areas: cultivate positive, win-win relationships with clients, seek ways to make it as easy as possible to work with McKenzie SewOn and improve the gross profit of the account base.


· Meet or exceed annual sales revenue goals (90% of plan minimum)

· Meet or exceed annual gross profit margin goals (90% of plan minimum)

· Maintain a pipeline of a minimum of 50 qualified prospects

· Prospecting – average 100+ prospecting dials and speak with 10+ decision makers per week

· Average 5+ face-to-face client meetings per week

· Average 4+ new clients per month

· Average sales of $20,000+/month in year 1

· Maintain a minimum 80% business retention rate

· CRM activities and notes must be 100% up-to-date

· CRM follow up commitments and activities must be 100% on time

· Have face-to-face meeting or speak with each client & prospect every 3 months

· Manage accounts and increase sales and gross profit by:

o Building and maintaining positive relationships with clients

o Proactively identifying opportunities for sales

o Being the product and service expert

o Presenting creative product and service solutions

o Presenting cross-sell and up-sell ideas to clients

o Introducing additional solutions and services

o Dealing with objections and closing sales

o Managing the order writing and client confirmation process

o Following up with the client post-delivery

o Providing excellent customer service

· Accountable for client satisfaction and for providing outstanding service

· Keeping commitments in a timely manner and for resolving issues promptly – 100% on time follow up required

· Must work within a client’s schedule (this is not always M-F 8am-5pm)


Key Competencies:

· 3+ years of B2B sales experience

· History of earning $60K/year in a commissioned sales role

· Professional commitment to earn over $100K/year and have no income limits

· Passion for the industry, clients, and providing excellent service

· Passion for learning and self-motivated

· Desire and ability to work well within a team

· Ability to present creative solutions that address client’s challenges

· Outstanding written and oral presentation and communication skills

· Exceptional business acumen

· Excellent organizational skills, able to set priorities, be responsive to client needs in a timely manner and meet critical deadlines

· Keen sense of situational awareness

· Ability to manage high stress environments and work quickly under pressure

· Strong belief in a systematic and structured approach to selling that includes the use of CRM technology to manage your daily routine and be proactive

· Ability to learn and embrace new technology

· Proficient in the Office Suite (Word, Excel, and Outlook) and Syncore