Scrunched up on the floor in a pile of clothes, I spy a grey crumpled ball. As I pick it up it becomes an extension of myself. Shake out some wrinkles- good as new. The cotton is soft and worn, the lettering starting to chip away like nail polish you’ve left on a little too long. I slip it over my head – easy and familiar. It molds to my skin as old friends meet again in a comfortable hello.

Zoe Skordahl with Kevin CostnerEight years ago I found what would become my favorite shirt in the team section of a school bookstore while visiting my sister. Neatly folded – the logo freshly pressed – a cool grey tee laid poised with vibrant green letters that read: Colorado State Cross Country. What started as as souvenir would become a cozy friend to give me confidence in an unknown future. It didn’t happen in an instant, but with every wear it became softer, more supple, more a part of me. It established itself as the favorite, held its spot in spite of all the others. We’ve grown up together – climbed mountains in Spain, crossed finish lines in Alaska, and dried young loves tears – these moments fuse with fibers brought to life by memories.

Resting comfortably on my shoulders, its stretched neck, the folds of its wrinkles, its stains and tiny holes hold more meaning for me now that the original crisp cotton and brilliant logo ever did. As I head out into the cool spring morning, its soft touch is a subtle reminder of all the ways it has grown to be my most loved shirt – my favorite tee.

What does a favorite shirt mean to you? Is is about comfort? Style? Or the memories? We would love to hear about your favorite shirt. Share a comment or post a picture and we will pick our favorite response on Monday morning. The winner will receive a special gift!

Happy Friday! Hope to hear from you soon.