There are so many startups that begin with tremendous potential. They have smart management, a good location and make a great product. However, one thing that they fail to develop is a loyal customer base. Without people coming back to buy your products, it’s only a matter of time before chaos ensues. Inspiring a loyal customer base is key to success, plain and simple. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. There is no formula for a loyal customer base. It will be different for every business, every time. Take a look at these five businesses who have made it big by having customers that come back to them, time and time again.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson was born inside a shed in 1903. Proud parents William S. Harley, along with Arthur and Walter Davidson, launched their iconic brand not knowing that it would become an American icon. The typically heavy bikes make for a good touring vehicle that is stable at speed and not prone to being blown around by wind. This makes it popular for those wanting to cover large parts of the country on a bike.

Part of their popularity can be attributed to availability of parts and services. With dealerships across the country and millions of bikes on the roads, there is a plethora of people invested in Harley Davidson. Additionally, the bikes can be easily repaired by without the help of a professional.


Some of the first Nike shoes were allegedly made using a waffle iron. Since then Nike has become a household name associated with athletes, musicians and fashion. They carved out a place in popular culture by supporting iconic athletes, like Michael Jordan, and connecting them to fans by selling pro model shoes like the “Air Jordans.”

The company’s marketing campaign uses simple, concise logos and slogans to reach audiences. Phrases like “Just Do It” motivate the customer to act. Nike’s success can be attributed to creating a unique and desirable product that customers feel they need to have. The Nike swoosh is now a easily recognized trademark, worldwide.

Nike Shoes

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Zappos has been able to stand out from the plethora of online retailers by providing clients with the remarkable support. In a time when many customer service departments are being scaled back or outsourced, Zappos caters to customers by providing them with what they need. Their call center employees have been known for staying on the line for six hours and doing outlandish things such as, speaking in third person simply because the customer requested it.

This is made possible by a tight knit workforce that are kept happy and productive by management. Additionally, the company offers free two way shipping, allowing the customer to shop freely without fear of paying to return items that didn’t fit.


There’s hardly a place one can’t put these tiny, nearly indestructible cameras. They’ve taken the world of action sports by storm and triggered an avalanche of copycat cameras. GoPro founder Nick Woodman was inspired to create the GoPro after being unable to capture surfing images on a vacation because amatuer photographers couldn’t get close enough. He wanted to make a small, waterproof camera that would be available to the masses, hence the name GoPro. Woodson was able to grow an idea into a worldwide company by satisfying a need in the market.


Apple Products

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Launched by Steve Wozniak and Steve jobs out of a garage in 1976, Apple has become one of the most sought after brands in technology. Innovative technology paired with stylish design and a user friendly interface has made the company nearly unstoppable in the industry.

When the iPod and iPhone were each released, they took the world by storm and turned their products into must have items. Through regularly releasing new iterations, they keep their customers returning to buy new products. According to a recent article from The Verge, Apple now has 1 billion active devices worldwide. There’s a good chance you’re even reading this article on an apple product, right now.